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Home Recording

Garage studio

Late night recording at the bottom of the garden I have always enjoyed making recordings and have done a lot of it during my career. The combination of the joy of singing, the music itself and the geekery of the recording process ticks all my boxes. I particularly enjoy the challenges of recording the classical… Read more »



  I am a classically trained tenor with a huge amount experience both on stage and in the concert arena. I have sung in operas, musicals and in concerts all over the world. I have sung for royalty and celebrities at venues large and small. Here is a video of me in action:   Recent big… Read more »



[fwdmsp preset_id=”8″ playlist_id=”0″] If you want top-class musical entertainment at an event – corporate or private – please do not hesitate to get in touch. I am a classically trained tenor with a vast experience of performing at events throughout the UK and abroad. I have sung solo sets in front of royalty and celebrities… Read more »

Jonas Kaufmann

Joans Kaufmann

Listened to an interesting interview with Jonas Kaufman on Radio 3http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04571zt I particularly liked hearing about his struggles to find his true voice. He talked about teachers telling him to sing the light Bel Canto repertoire and really struggling. He then wondered whether he had a Pavarotti-type voice. But finally he found the “Jonas Kaufmann”… Read more »


Lanza by Andrew Bain

Mario Lanza always said he sang as if it was his last day on earth. Listening to him I think he probably meant it. I like to think I try sing in a similar fashion. However giving one’s all in opera is a dangerous and difficult thing to get right. Technique is so vital and… Read more »



Auditioning is a constant part of a singer’s life and I believe it is something we never really get used to. I have been auditioning for professional productions since 1998. I have sung, recited and danced for audition panels in some of the dingiest rooms in London, as well as on the stages of some… Read more »

Tips from the Greats 2

Placido Domingo

This time a singing tip, specifically a tenor tip but it probably has relevance for other voices too. Few would argue that Placido Domingo is one of the all time opera greats. A tip of his I once read is that, when exercising or warming up the voice, one should first concentrate on the middle… Read more »


Last weekend saw a very long drive up to Bridlington in Yorkshire – a town where my maternal grandparents once lived. I was booked to sing at the Chamber Yorkshire Coast Business Awards. I didn’t sing until 10.15pm, which meant home at 4am, but it was worth it. I sang 6 number to a great… Read more »